Commercial Property and Casualty

Q. What is Commercial Property and Casualty Coverage?

A. Sometimes referred to as Business Owner's Policy (BOP), it's business insurance coverage that provides Property and General Liability insurance to small businesses. The Business Owner's Policy prepackages a group of coverages desirable to businesses. Usually coverage is provided for Property Coverage; Business Interruption and Continuation Coverage; General Liability Coverage; and Crime Protection.
Also available under small commercial property and casualty category are Workers' Compensation, Commercial Auto, Commercial Liability Umbrella, Fidelity, Mechanical Systems and Kidnap and Ransom Insurance.


Q. What is Workers' Compensation Coverage?

A. This coverage pays compensation and other benefits required of the firm by the workers' compensation law or occupational disease law of any state listed in the policy. The coverage applies to bodily injury by accident and by disease arising out of and in the course of the employees' employment.


Q. Who needs Commercial Property and Casualty Coverage?

A. Any firm or sole practitioner that:
  • Leases space for business purposes
  • Owns a business property
  • Has office property or equipment
  • Has employees
  • Provides company cars to partners/employees
  • Handles client records or property
  • Handles firm or client cash/funds
  • Has clients visit their business premises.