Tax and Financial Services Professional Liability Insurance

Q. As a small business my budget is tight. How can I afford this protection?

A. Coverage through EZ Insurance Solutions starts with competitive rates, based specifically on the services you provide. A choice of deductibles is available to help you further control costs. And premium financing is available to help make premium payments better fit your budget. Many find this option ideally fits the cash flow of a small practice. Finally, the program also offers a longevity credit. This feature provides a premium credit for years of continuous coverage, beginning after the first year.


Q. If my business grows or I add new services, will I have to find a new insurance plan?

A. The EZ Insurance Solutions program is designed for flexibility. If your business is small, with minimal risk, you may start out with a lower limit of coverage. As your business grows, you have the flexibility of increasing your coverage to better match your needs. If your services include tax, accounting or bookkeeping services, the Basic Coverage program will provide the protection you need. If you provide financial planning and investment services, now or in the future, enhanced coverage is available as an endorsement to protect you for these services. You do not need to change insurance plans; simply adjust your coverage as your business changes.


Q. Is EZ Insurance Solutions new?

A. No. EZ Insurance Solutions is backed by two of the industry leaders in business and professional insurance. The program is administered by Affinity Insurance Services, one of the nation's leading group insurance administrators, and a subsidiary of Aon Corporation. Affinity's programs protect a wide range of professionals and affinity groups and have earned the endorsement of many leading professional associations. The program underwriter is CNA,a pioneer in the development of professional liability insurance. CNA brings over 30 years of experience serving CPAs, public accountants and financial services providers to the program.


Q. How do I get a quotation?

A. It's easy. Simply complete the qualifying questions on the application. These few simple questions will determine if the services you provide qualify under the program. Then complete the balance of the application and apply online or return it by mail or fax. Based on your application, a quotation of coverage and rates will be prepared for you. You are under no obligation by requesting this information. Request a quote and then decide if the program meets your needs.